Quarterback Chase Wolf picked Wisconsin over South Carolina and Boston College, among other schools.

Recruiting rewind: How Ohio State coach Urban Meyer tried to flip Wisconsin QB Chase Wolf

When Wisconsin quarterback signee Chase Wolf makes up his mind, there is nothing that will keep him from achieving his goals.

Wolf didn’t transfer from St. Xavier (Ohio) High School before his junior season despite being behind Penn State quarterback commit Sean Clifford. He picked the Badgers despite the program already having a commitment from another 2018 quarterback at the time. And he stuck with Wisconsin even as Ohio State coach Urban Meyer and his staff put the pressure on to flip Wolf late in the recruiting process.

For more on Wolf’s journey to Wisconsin, you can check out his story here. Wolf also recapped his recruitment with Land of 10 and shared stories and advice he learned throughout the process.

Here is his recruiting rewind:

Q: If you could give a junior only one piece of advice about the recruiting process, what would it be? This is something you wish you knew this time last year.

Wolf: I would say once you have a couple offers and you have somewhat of a list, don’t lead on the other coaches because that will be a pain for them and you as well. That will get stressful when you have to call them every night. So I’d say let them know exactly how you feel and where you stand with them. And if you’re trying to get recruited, I’d say open up, be out there, send your tapes. Do whatever you can to get in contact with the coaches. Once you get a coach to respond to you, then you can start a relationship with them.

If you don’t think you’d go there and you don’t really want to visit, just tell them. Then they can move on and you don’t have to spend your nights talking to them when you know you don’t want to go there.

Q: What school came in second? What could they have done a little better?

Wolf: Before I went on my Wisconsin visit, it was between South Carolina and Boston College. I wasn’t really thinking Wisconsin all that much. I didn’t really know how to decide between them. Once I went on my Wisconsin visit, it really stood out and I knew where I was going to go.

Q: What was the most creative thing a school or coach did to get your attention?

Wolf: After I committed, Urban Meyer came to my school and asked me to flip. But that’s about as creative as there is.

Q: How did that take place?

Wolf: It was before one of our games. He’s friends with [St. Xavier] Coach [Steve] Specht because he actually coached at my high school. He was in the office. He just talked to me. He’s like, ‘So we’re going to be able to flip you, right?’ I’m like, ‘No, no. We’ll see you in the Big Ten championship.’ He coached against my quarterbacks coach in the Sugar Bowl, and we kind of had a laugh about that, but that was about it.

Q: Was he being serious when he asked you to flip?

Wolf: He was serious. I talked to [Ohio State quarterbacks coach] Ryan Day. He asked if I was interested at all. I told him that I wasn’t really that interested. But then a week later, he came into school.

Q: What was the biggest rumor about you that wasn’t true?

Wolf: Maybe some words twisted a little bit about how a visit went or something. I’m not really quite sure. My friends thought I was going to South Carolina or Boston College. But they were all surprised when I went to Wisconsin. But there were no rumors or anything spread about me, so I’m happy that didn’t happen.

Q: What is the funniest thing any head coach said to you during the entire recruiting process, either on the phone or in person?

Wolf: I don’t really remember any specific conversations that were funny. I just remember the excitement Coach [John] Bonamego from Central Michigan had when he called me. It was my first offer, so I was just as excited as he was. It was surreal. He enjoyed it, too, because he knew it was my first offer.

Q: What was your biggest regret during the recruiting process?

Wolf: I don’t have many regrets. I wish it would have started earlier, but I didn’t really have that opportunity until junior year. So that’s something I can’t really control.

Q: What was the funniest story that happened on one of your recruiting trips?

Wolf: I was terribly car sick and I got really sick during my Wisconsin visit. If I had a good time during that visit, it must have been amazing because I did not feel well at all. The trip made me really sick, and I did not want to go anymore. I was like, ‘I can’t. This is terrible.’ My parents were like, ‘Did you like it?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah.’ I was really sick. They didn’t think I enjoyed it at all. But since I did enjoy it and I was extremely sick, that really stood out to them, too.

Q: Which coach was it the hardest to say no to that you weren’t coming there?

Wolf: I’d say Coach [Steve] Addazio from Boston College. I developed a really good relationship with their coaching staff. It was hard to say no to them.

Q: Which college would you have considered more seriously if they had offered you earlier in the process?

Wolf: I would say the local UC [Cincinnati], if they would have offered me or recruited me more. But I’m happy where I’m at right now, so I don’t really have any regrets there.

Q: Which head coach of a team that you did not sign with was the nicest?

Wolf: [Duke] Coach [David] Cutcliffe. He took me and my parents into his office, and he talked. He was extremely nice and humble and everything. He talked about Peyton Manning and Eli Manning and how hard you’ve got to work and stuff like that. Some kids that he was friends with, a fan who was really sick, he called them. So I got to talk to someone who was a big fan of the program who was dying of cancer. It just showed a lot about him.

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