Eddie George wanted nothing more than to play for the Nittany Lions coming out of high school.

After learning Penn State was RB Eddie George’s dream school, James Franklin tweets interest

Well, gee, this would have been nice for Penn State’s program in the early 1990s.

On Wednesday, it became known through a Big Ten podcast — hosted by Big Ten Network — that former Ohio State RB Eddie George’s dream school as a high school athlete was Penn State.

That’s right. He dreamed of playing for the Nittany Lions. Not the Buckeyes.

Take a listen:

In this clip, the former Buckeye great said:

“Big Blue was my heart, man. I wanted nothing more than to play at Penn State. I went to Penn State’s football camp as a youth in high school. They knew about me. When they found out that I was at Fork Union, they brought me up for a game to watch Notre Dame and they looked at me and said, ‘man, you know what, you need to play outside linebacker.’

“I was like, ‘ah, I want to come to Penn State, but I want to compete at running back.’ They were like no, we have enough depth there. We have Ki-jana Carter, we’ve got Mike Archie, we’ve got Stephen Pitts. Richie Anderson was about to leave. So, they said we have enough depth and youth there and it broke my heart. Because I really wanted to don the blue and white and black shoes, man. That’s what I wanted to do. Ah, I wanted to wear big blue and white so bad.”


Of course, George ended up running for 3,768 yards as a Buckeye in four seasons, with 3,369 of those coming in his final two years. The eventual Tennessee Titans running back scored 45 touchdowns during his time at Ohio State as well.

When finding out that it was George’s dream to play for the Nittany Lions, current coach James Franklin made his thoughts known loud and clear:

Boy would it be nice to replace Saquon Barkley with a back like George. Of course at this age, the former Buckeye may not be able to run like he once did.

And, yes, his eligibility is used up.

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