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Penn State wide receiver DaeSean Hamilton has had a huge week at the Senior Bowl.

Penn State WR DaeSean Hamilton has been Senior Bowl’s breakout star

MOBILE, Ala. — Those watching the North team practice at the Senior Bowl don’t have to look very hard to see former Penn State wide receiver DaeSean Hamilton producing some fireworks.

Any time scouts, draft analysts or other observers in the stands turn their attention to the wide receivers, it’s a good bet that Hamilton will be running free after tormenting a defensive back.

What’s most amazing is that Hamilton wasn’t even supposed to be at the Senior Bowl. Despite being Penn State’s all-time leader in career receptions, he didn’t get an invitation until he excelled in the East-West Shrine Game on Jan. 20.

Since arriving in Mobile, he’s set the field ablaze with his route-running ability and speed. In addition to the videos above, there are countless more examples of Hamilton embarrassing some top defensive backs in practice.

“Really just creating separation,” he said. “I know a big knock on me is whether I could create separation because not a lot of people know about my speed. Really just coming out here and showing I can create separation and get open on a bunch of routes and the whole route tree.

“It’s something that I’ve harped on and take pride in, so I think that’s something I’ve done well.”

Hamilton’s name has almost unanimously popped up on draft analysts’ lists of top performers for each day and the week as a whole, which came as no surprise to teammate Mike Gesicki.

“I was surprised when he didn’t get the initial invite to this game just because of how successful he’s been in his career,” Gesicki said. “He’s Penn State’s all-time leading receiver, and then he went to the East-West Shrine and absolutely obliterated people on one-on-ones. Here against the top competition he’s doing the same thing. He deserves it because he’s earned it.”

It’s been a satisfying conclusion to Hamilton’s college career, especially on the heels of his Shrine Game performance. His play last week earned him the chance he felt he deserved and he’s made the most of it over three days of practices in Mobile.

“I honestly wanted to come to the Senior Bowl when I was playing during the season,” he said. “When I didn’t get the invite and I got the East-West invite I knew I still had things to prove. I knew I could hang with a lot of the guys out here and I could compete. That’s all I really wanted to do.

“It wasn’t my job to come out here and prove anybody wrong. I just wanted to come out here and show I could play with the best of the best.”

Hamilton is not only playing with the best of the best — he’s setting the bar.

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