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Penn State coach James Franklin rarely rests. After closing the Class of 2018 on Wednesday, he was shadowing men's basketball coach Pat Chambers.

Getting to know new Penn State signees; how Nittany Lions coach James Franklin unwinds after recruiting

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Meet the new guys

Every recruiting class will have its share of characters. Penn State will figure out who those guys are in due time, but for now, John McGonigal of the Centre Daily Times chatted with four of the new recruits to find out what makes them tick, what they know about Penn State’s rich football history, and their choice of Netflix show.

Interesting when pressed for a favorite athlete, defensive tackle Aeneas Hawkins didn’t go with a football player.

Writes McGonigal:

Hawkins: I’m not going give you a football player. That’s too easy. I’m going to go with Floyd Mayweather. That’s my all-time favorite. I was nervous for the first two rounds (against Conor McGregor). But he’s a competitor, man. From a personal perspective, I know he has a lot of money, and he likes to spend it how he spends it. He gets wild at times. But growing up, just watching him train and how he approaches things and how methodical he is, I appreciate it. He’s not a huge dude, but he’s a technician. He’s a good athlete, and it shows.

And whether or not the new members of the Nittany Lions squad think they will win a national title? All answered yes.

Helping hand

James Franklin could have taken the rest of the day off after completing one of the most successful recruiting classes in Penn State history.

Instead of heading home to relax on Wednesday, Franklin lent a helping hand to a fellow Penn State coach.

Mark Brennan of Fight On State writes that soon after completing the recruiting festivities, Franklin watched men’s basketball coach Pat Chambers prepare for a critical Big Ten battle, that Penn State won, against Maryland.

On the job

David Corley and Ja’Juan Seider were the big additions to Franklin’s staff this offseason, and both made news when they swapped coaching positions after Seider was hired away from Florida.

So how exactly did Penn State land its top offseason hires?

Andrew Callahan of Lions 247 writes that Corley was a longtime target of Franklin, but that he could never work it out to bring him on staff.

Coming home

Tom Bradley will be remembered by the Penn State community as a guy who weathered the worst storm in school history when he stepped in as interim coach for the fired Joe Paterno.

Bradley moved on after that season, landing at UCLA after a brief stint at West Virginia. For Bradley, the chance to come home, or relatively close to it, was too good to pass up.

Josh Moyer of the Centre Daily Times writes that Bradley will be the new defensive backs coach with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He is originally from Johnstown, Pa.

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