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Urban Meyer is still adding to Ohio State's trophy case, and an extension that should be approved Friday will lock him down until 2022.

Ohio State football: Urban Meyer’s contract extension makes him top-paid coach in Big Ten

Austin Ward

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All those negative recruiters are going to need to come up with new material. Anybody worrying that Urban Meyer might be getting close to retirement can put aside those fears. And any questions about Ohio State’s commitment to spend at the highest level to compete for championships have been put to rest.

Meyer already had made clear a couple months ago that he was ready for an extension, even going out of his way to bring it up unprompted during his Signing Day news conference in February. Those additional two years are about to become official once the university’s board of trustees approves Meyer’s reworked contract on Friday. It’s been confirmed that he’s receiving a raise of $1.2 million, which will make him the highest-paid coach in the Big Ten — and he’s worth every penny.

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Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith (middle) has been instrumental in stepping up support for the football program. (Land of 10/file photo)

Having already won a national title with the Buckeyes, and coming off a season that included yet another win over rival Michigan as well as a conference championship, it seems obvious that the program would give Meyer whatever he wanted to keep him happy. But it’s still significant that Ohio State is willing to not only pay Meyer $7.6 million for his services in 2018, but also that it has dug into its pockets to give him more money for his assistants.

For years, Ohio State seemed to drag its feet when it came to the sort of big spending needed to attract and retain successful assistant. That’s not an issue now. And while Meyer surely didn’t need more money to stick around, the decision to ensure that he’s making more than a certain coach working up north who hasn’t accomplished nearly as much sends a message about how much the Buckeyes value their coach.

Beyond that, Meyer clearly felt it was important to silence some of the whispers about his longevity after it came up on the recruiting trail this year. He’s now slated to be at Ohio State until at least 2022. Given his energy level, the enjoyment he gets from competing every day, and the balance he has at home now that he’s a grandfather, it’s not a stretch to think that he may even have one more extension in him.

There’s no need to rush into that discussion, of course. The ink isn’t even dry on Meyer’s latest deal with Ohio State, and that should be properly celebrated first. The future is secure for the Buckeyes.

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