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Ohio State guard Kam Williams averaged 9.4 ppg last season.

NBA draft decision deadline for Ohio State guard Kam Williams, Ryan Shazier opens up, and more

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Today is Wednesday, May 24, and it’s time to Wake Up Sloopy.

Is Kam Williams staying or going?

Wednesday brings another moment of truth for Ohio State basketball.

May 24 is the final day underclassmen can remove their names from the 2017 NBA Draft and maintain eligibility for the following season, provided they didn’t hire an agent. Trevor Thompson is locked into the NBA draft after hiring an agent, but junior guard Kam Williams has not hired one.

College basketball insider Jon Rothstein tweeted at the start of the month that Williams would be returning to Ohio State. He had a pretty good source, too, citing Buckeyes coach Thad Matta.

That seemed like the most likely outcome after the surprising revelation that Williams had entered his name in the first place. Case closed, right? Wrong. Williams quickly posted to Twitter that he’d made no such decision and hasn’t commented on the matter since.

Ohio State is already losing its No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4 scorers from the 2016-17 season. Losing Williams, who averaged 9.4 points per game, would be another significant blow for a team that can’t afford one. If Williams stays in the draft pool, Ohio State will have just two guards on its current roster. That’s … not great.

Ryan Shazier speaks out about alopecia

Many Ohio State fans know that Ryan Shazier has alopecia, a condition that causes permanent hair loss.

What they may not know is how much he suffered in high school to try to undo it. Shazier wrote a first-hand account for The Players Tribune, and it included some details that will make you hurt for the former Ohio State linebacker.

The other thing I tried, when I was in high school, were cortisone shots. The shots were supposed to stimulate hair growth by suppressing the immune system around my head and eyebrows, since that was what was causing the hair loss. And it worked … a little. I’d get a few patches of hair back on my head and eyebrows, but damn if it didn’t hurt like hell.

Every two weeks or so, I’d show up to the doctor’s office, and he would come in with a tray full of needles. And I’m telling you, these weren’t thin needles. The doctor would tilt my head one way, and then jab the needle into my skull 15 times. Then the other side.

Seriously, 15 times. Each side. Every two weeks. For all of high school.

This is the kind of pain that some kids with alopecia go through. Then they get to go to school and deal with another kind of pain.

Shazier wrote that he stopped taking the shots when he got to Ohio State and focused on accepting himself and not defining himself by his hair loss. He went on to win All-America honors and became a first-round NFL draft pick.

It turns out he might also be in the midst of some sort of miracle. However slight, Shazier is starting to grow some hair again.

Then I was standing in an elevator with James Harrison last Thanksgiving.

“… Bruh.”

I’ll never forget the look on his face.

I had some hair again. And I have no idea why. Like, this isn’t supposed to happen. I haven’t been doing the shots or the cream or anything for years. My hair just decided to grow back on its own, I guess.

And you know what? It didn’t change anything.

The Fiesta Bowl broke Siri’s brain 

Ohio State fans probably don’t want to remember the Fiesta Bowl loss to Clemson, but their iPhones appear to be going out of their way to remind them.

Siri, the phone’s virtual assistant that looks up information and answers questions, appears to have confused one Michael Jordan for another — along with some basic facts.

Asking Siri for Michael Jordan’s retirement date brings up a box score from the Fiesta Bowl. The Buckeyes’ left guard in that game was Michael Jordan. He missed a small chunk of the game with an injury, but his playing career is alive and well.

He clearly didn’t seem to be a fan of the glitch, as one might expect.

B1G happenings

• Allen Robinson almost left Penn State because of NCAA sanctions.

• Three Michigan State players violated school policy.

• Nebraska landed another 4-star commit.

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