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Tate Martell should have a role in Ohio State's offense in 2018.

What does Joe Burrow’s transfer mean for Tate Martell at Ohio State?

Ryan Ginn

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As I wrote the day Joe Burrow announced he would leave Columbus, Ohio State now belongs to Dwayne Haskins for the 2018 season. Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer essentially confirmed as much at a luncheon in Canton on Monday.

“This is really the first time I’ve talked about this since the spring game, but as of now it looks like Dwayne Haskins will get the first opportunity to be the starter,” Meyer said. “Dwayne is a young guy that came in against our rivals and did a heck of a job. You go back and watch that again, he came in on the first drive and took us down the field and scored on that first drive against that defense. So he’s got a great release, he’s got good size and he’s a mobile enough quarterback.”

So when it comes to Tate Martell, let’s start by noting it’s very unlikely he’ll start. At the same time, there’s no reason to confine him to the bench outside of garbage time. I don’t think Ohio State will use a definite structure like rotating series or playing one quarterback in the red zone, but there will be a role for Martell in this offense.

Ohio State coaches have said they’re working on a package for Martell, whose speed and elusiveness can give the Buckeyes a different weapon. How that package takes shape remains to be seen, but Martell could either come in situationally at quarterback or line up in the backfield or in the slot every so often. Outside of garbage time when he’s allowed to be a full-time quarterback, I think it’s fair to expect him on the field for at least 5-10 snaps a game.

He’s a dynamic talent, and those types of players find their way onto the field.

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