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Kevin Wilson views his role as unchanged with Ohio State, despite some new job titles on the Buckeyes coaching staff.

Kevin Wilson worried about winning titles, not job titles at Ohio State; Buckeyes unlikely to change kickoff strategy

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Kevin Wilson isn’t worried about title changes on Ohio State’s staff

Urban Meyer raised some eyebrows when a few assistant coaches at Ohio State got new titles over the course of the offseason. The shakeup included a co-offensive coordinator title for Ryan Day. So what does Kevin Wilson — Ohio State’s sole offensive coordinator in 2017 — think about that? Other than a scare from his daughter (who thought her dad lost his job), Wilson said the new titles on the staff have not had an effect on his mindset or duties with the Buckeyes.

“You’ve got to check the egos, and there ain’t no titles,” Wilson said this week. “But it’s everybody working together for the common good at a great place to try to win a game and try to win a championship and maybe be good enough to try to get them all.”

Ohio State unlikely to change kickoff methods despite potential new rule

A new rule could be coming to college football next season that would allow kick returners to make fair catches inside the 10-yard line. Ohio State’s kickoff strategy involves kicking the ball to the corner of the field, but not in the end zone, so the returner has to bring it back. This new rule could change how teams return kicks against Ohio State, but Land of 10’s Ryan Ginn notes it’s unlikely to change the Buckeyes’ kickoff strategy.

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Ex-Ohio State basketball commit skipping college for G League

Darius Bazley was once committed to Ohio State. He was then committed to Syracuse. Now the talented guard and McDonald’s All-American is not going to play college basketball at all. Bazley de-committed from Syracuse on Thursday and announced he will play next season in the NBA G League before he can join the NBA for good in the 2019-20 season. Bazley, a Cincinnati native and the No. 8 overall player in the 2018 recruiting class, is the first major college basketball recruit to head to the G League right from high school.

Keita Bates-Diop lands another All-American honor

Keita Bates-Diop made his way to another All-American list this week. The 2017-18 Big Ten Player of the Year was named a second-team All-American by CBS Sports. Earlier in the week, Bates-Diop — who is heading to the NBA — earned consensus All-American status when he made the Associated Press All-America team.

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