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Dwayne Haskins and Joe Burrow are battling to back up J.T. Barrett.

Ohio State mailbag: Who will be the Buckeyes’ backup if both are healthy?

Ryan Ginn

Have Ohio State football questions? We’ve got answers. Join us every Wednesday for the Land of 10 Ohio State mailbag to talk all things Buckeyes. This week, we’ll discuss J.K. Dobbins, backup quarterbacks and division opponents.

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If J.T. Barrett broke his leg and both backups were healthy, I think there’s a chance Burrow would get the nod as the starter because of his experience edge and similarity to Barrett. But Haskins has the higher ceiling and is probably the better suited of the pair to start after a full offseason. As long as it’s just in a backup role, I think he’ll get the game reps behind Barrett this year.

Well, he got 29 against Indiana in the first college game he ever played, so that’s when, I guess. But going forward, it partly depends on Mike Weber’s health and whether he’ll ever be at full strength. If he’s healthy or if other options emerge, it’s probably not going to happen very often. Weber only got 20 carries in a game once last season. Ohio State has too many people that need the ball for one player to get it that many times — especially with so many big wins when there’s no reason to run a running back ragged.

In my opinion, he does have such talent, so there’s that half of it. As for the long-time part … it has been a minute, unless you count Terrelle Pryor’s NFL talent at wide receiver.

I didn’t notice this in the press box, but it did indeed happen. You can see it here on Army’s first kickoff. It is very much illegal, but it appears to have gone unnoticed. That’s a pretty wild mistake to make, especially since Ohio State very often changes jersey numbers to avoid such problems.

This seems like a recruiting question that I should give to Birm for Thursday’s mailbag, but since it discusses current college players, I am stealing it. If you’re talking about last year alone, that’s a solid candidate, though it always felt like he would end up at Michigan. Cam Akers is another, but Dobbins is doing his best to erase any concerns there. If other recent years count, Texas A&M’s Christian Kirk is another good one.

It’s sure starting to feel that way, though my (unpopular) preseason prediction was that Michigan would be the bigger threat to win the division. While Saquon Barkley is obviously amazing, the end of Penn State’s year with the outrageous passing attack felt like a heater more than something sustainable. But the Nittany Lions have looked pretty good, and Michigan’s offense has raised some questions.

He’s still not 100 percent. From what Urban Meyer and Kevin Wilson have said this week, I’d expect his carries to increase when that day finally arrives. And as good as Dobbins has been this year, it will still be deserved.

If they played this week, I’d probably pick Michigan despite its own offensive problems. But I think Ohio State will get it done in November.

I think you’ll continue to see guys like Terry McLaurin and Johnnie Dixon (if healthy) throughout the season in addition to those four and possibly Trevon Grimes.

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