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Buffalo Bills quarterback Cardale Jones will graduate Sunday.

Let’s celebrate former Ohio State QB Cardale Jones playing school, Lavar Ball’s logo looks familiar, and more

Ryan Ginn

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Let’s celebrate Cardale Jones playing school

I don’t know if I’ll ever cover another athlete like Cardale Jones at Ohio State.

He was smart and brash, equally capable of giving a quote that was great for its thoughtfulness or spontaneity. He threw the ball a mile and shrugged off would-be sacks. On multiple occasions, he came close to getting booted from the team. At the unlikeliest time, he reeled off back-to-back-to-back wins against Wisconsin, Alabama and Oregon to win a national championship.

After questioning the point of going to school, Jones returned for a fourth year when he could have declared for the NFL draft. His high school coach, Ted Ginn Sr., said Jones announced that decision in a press conference setting because he wanted to be a role model.

And now Jones is graduating. It’s enough to make you wonder why his life hasn’t already been made into a movie.

Fair or not, The Great Twitter Incident of 2012 will always be a part of his legacy. To his credit, Jones seems to have embraced it. On Thursday, he brought out the screenshot of his infamous deleted tweet one last time before he graduates on Sunday.

The funniest part of that whole saga is that Jones, who was portrayed by some as an illiterate academic malcontent, was upset that he got a B on a sociology exam.

“I remember I was in class, and I think I got, like, a B on a [sociology] exam,” Jones told ESPN’s Austin Ward in 2014. “It was just something so stupid; of course I didn’t feel that way about academics, and I don’t. Nobody in this program feels that way. We actually take that stuff very serious around here.

“It was just a dumbass thing to do. I definitely didn’t think that would happen. It was just a stupid thing to do at that time. It was something where I just got pissed because I studied my ass off.”

Five years later, Jones will be back in Columbus to get his diploma. He’ll have some company, too. Texas head coach Tom Herman, who developed Jones into a championship quarterback, will return to Ohio to see his star player walk across the stage.

It’s been a wild journey for Jones, but we’re all better for having witnessed it.

Did Lavar Ball steal Zach Smith’s logo?

Let’s get this out of the way: Lavar Ball’s shoe is bad.

The dad of future NBA draft pick Lonzo Ball is somehow charging $495 for some unsightly footwear. But this is America, so I’m sure he’ll profit from it. How does any of this relate to Ohio State? It doesn’t, thank God.

There is one aspect of the shoe, though, that caught the eye of Ohio State wide receivers coach Zach Smith. Smith famously created the term Zone 6 for his receivers, referring to the end zone. He went so far as to either make a logo or commission someone else to produce one. And that logo, which dates back a few years, looks a bit like the one on the back of the Big Baller Brand shoe.

It’s probably a coincidence. The worlds of UCLA basketball and Ohio State football don’t often enter each other’s orbit. At the very least, Smith provided some Thursday night entertainment on his Twitter feed.

Could Ohio State put BYU on the schedule?

I’ve never been to Utah, but I’ve heard it’s great. As such, my ears perked up when I saw a Tweet from Brigham Young’s athletic director, who was hanging out in Ohio Stadium.

Count me in! Holmoe probably is just being playful, as Ohio State is booked for the foreseeable future. Plus, I’m sure any game between the two programs would be a one-off in Columbus. That would still be cool — I always support scheduling unique opponents, and Ohio State hasn’t played BYU in the regular season — but it wouldn’t help me cross off Utah on my list of states I need to visit.

I’m always willing to compromise, though, and luckily someone has already hatched a suitable backup plan. Among the replies to Holmoe’s tweet was this brilliant idea:

Yes! This has it all! It’s a chance to play in an amazing new stadium that the Raiders will ultimately inhabit. The trip would be huge for Ohio State’s enormous alumni base in Arizona and California. And, to top it off, Las Vegas is suddenly a hot recruiting territory for the Buckeyes, thanks to Bishop Gorman High School.

It would be a fun return for Tate Martell and Haskell Garrett if it happened soon enough. And if not, it would at least keep the Buckeyes in the mind of the next stars there. Plus, Vegas is the best. I’m all in on this.

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