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Ohio State captain Billy Price defended quarterback J.T. Barrett on Tuesday from recent Twitter remarks by several recruits.

Ohio State captains speak out on recruits on Twitter, Buckeyes add DT to top-ranked recruiting class

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The empire strikes back

After a trio of high-profile recruits, including an Ohio State commitment and two 5-star prospects, decided to throw their support toward Dwayne Haskins in a blooming quarterback controversy in Columbus, two Buckeyes captains tried to teach a lesson: discretion is the better part of valor.

Both Kirk Herbstreit, who captained Ohio State in 1992, and current captain Billy Price suggested recruits ought to hold their tongue while they’re still on the outside of the program looking in.

Back to the future

Ohio State was the runner-up to land former 4-star defensive tackle Antwuan Jackson, a Top 50 player in the Class of 2016, when the Georgia native committed to Auburn in December of 2015.

The Buckeyes appear to have won in the end. The Blinn (Texas) College standout left Auburn in the spring, but Auburn prevented him from transferring straight to Ohio State. After a JUCO detour, he will be with the Buckeyes after all. He committed to Ohio State on Tuesday, becoming the 18th prospect in the Buckeyes top-ranked Class of 2018.

Big Ten time machine

Ohio State has caught a pretty good-sized scheduling break in the next few years thank to the Big Ten’s unbalanced scheduling. The league released its schedules through the 2021 season on Tuesday and Ohio State avoids going to Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, Wis., until at least 2022.

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