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Nebraska fired athletic director Shawn Eichorst on Thursday.

Shawn Eichorst out as Nebraska’s athletic director; Mike Riley plans to ‘just coach’ amid chaos

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Shawn Eichorst out as athletic director

Former Nebraska athletic director Shawn Eichorst was fired Thursday. It was news that saddened Nebraska football coach Mike Riley and prompted a response from basketball coach Tim Miles about controlling his own destiny.

Immediate reaction

What was the immediate reaction to Eichorst’s news on Twitter? We compiled a quick list. As for former quarterback Tommy Armstrong, he had some words and a story about the news.

Who could replace him?

Nebraska plans to name an interim athletic director sooner rather than later. But who could be the permanent replacement? Land of 10’s Scott Dochterman evaluated the options.

Larry the Cable Guy’s thoughts

Larry the Cable Guy is a big Nebraska fan and he wanted Eichorst to be fired. On Thursday, he was happy to receive his wish.

Coach Mike Riley’s plan

Riley knows there’s not much he can do at the end of the day amidst Eichorst’s firing. All he can do is the one thing he can control: “Just coach.”

The beginning of the end?

Is Eichorst’s firing the beginning of the end for Riley? Land of 10’s Sean Keeler thinks so, looking at what led to this very moment.

The cost of replacing Mike

Are you a fan that wants to see Riley gone? It won’t be cheap, but the exact numbers may be worth it depending on what the next athletic director thinks.

An injury update

When it comes to actual game information, there were quite a few injury updates on Thursday post-practice. That includes the possibility that wide receiver Stanley Morgan Jr. may not play against Rutgers.

No place like it

After Thursday, we could all use a quick reminder of why Nebraska is great. A quick tour of campus should do the trick (even temporarily).

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