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Nebraska legend Dave Rimington saw and learned a lot as the Huskers interim athletic director.

Nebraska legend Dave Rimington on the Huskers; football players as bobsledders

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The No. 1 goal

Nebraska legend Dave Rimington spent a little time last fall as the Huskers interim athletic director. During that time, he formulated thoughts on Scott Frost, Mike Riley and making Nebraska’s No. 1 goal beating Wisconsin.

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A future for football?

Former Huskers linebacker (and Olympic bobsledder) Curt Tomasevicz thinks football players could easily bobsled. All it would take is a little training.

Hashtag clash

Nebraska fans have to share the #GBR hashtag every so often, but it makes the world a little smaller when it happens.

Disappointing loss

Nebraska men’s basketball fell 72-66 to Illinois in what was a much-needed win for the Huskers on Sunday. It doesn’t mean all hope is lost for Nebraska and the NCAA Tournament, but the path got much tougher.

Despite the loss, Nebraska’s bench continued to be great.

Tailgate ambulance

Want to make a splash this tailgating season? You can with the Nebraska football “tailgating ambulance.”

Stadium experience

When it comes to Memorial Stadium, Nebraska athletic director Bill Moos has some ideas in mind. At the end of the day, it’s all about making the fan experience the best it can be.

What’s being said on Twitter 

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