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Nebraska DE Casey Rogers made a decision to pursue college football over lacrosse.

Nebraska DE Casey Rogers’ journey to Huskers football; a family’s love for RB Rahmir Johnson

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Journey to football

Nebraska defensive end Casey Rogers faced a big decision to make between college football or lacrosse. His choice ultimately led him to Nebraska and coach Scott Frost’s Huskers team.

A family’s love

Rahmir Johnson, a 4-star running back, may not have ended up in Nebraska’s 2019 recruiting class if it wasn’t for one family’s love along his journey.

Adimoji vote

Have a favorite pair of Nebraska’s Adimoji cleats from adidas? You can weigh in now on all the designs in our poll.

Incoming decision

Tony Fair, a junior college defensive tackle, picked up a Nebraska offer last Friday. Could he pick the Huskers? We may know this weekend.

Open to it

Could Nebraska and Kansas State face each other in football again soon? The Wildcats’ athletic director is open to the idea.

The underdog

Nebraska is the underdog in three conference games this season, but that’s not too shocking based on the schedule ahead.

100 days

There are officially less than 100 days until Nebraska football kicks off for the season. Can you feel it?

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