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Nebraska athletic director Bill Moos thinks it takes about 3 years to evaluate a staff. Will that be the case for coach Scott Frost?

Nebraska football mailbag: How much time does Scott Frost need?

Erin Sorensen

Have Nebraska football questions? We’ve got answers. Join us every Wednesday for the Land of 10 Nebraska mailbag to talk all things Huskers. This week, we’ll discuss the timetable needed to evaluate coach Scott Frost, the status of former wide receivers coach Keith Williams and more.

I liked what athletic director Bill Moos had to say before Scott Frost was hired, so let’s revisit that. Here’s what he said in response to a question on the time needed for a new coach:

“I would have to get their assessment of our roster, as it sits now. What style of play. Many times, I’ll use Mike Leach, my coach at Washington State, if he were to leave and someone came in that wanted to run the veer option. It’s probably going to take four years, because the players [to run that system] aren’t there. So, that is one of the factors I like to look at in regards to the fit part, and I believe … the table is set, the usual rule of thumb is year three. The places I’ve been before, we had to build and create everything that we already have here, so even three was a little bit early. It was four and sometimes five. But at Nebraska, depending on what the offense is, the defensive scheme, two and probably more realistically three [years].”

I think he’s right on the mark with the prediction of three years. The turnaround might not be complete by Year 3, but  you know what direction it’s going by then. For that reason, Frost needs at least that much time but you could make the case for longer, too.

And let’s hold off on the canonization just yet. It’s only been five days. We should probably give him at least a full week before we start discussing it.

It depends on what happens with Troy Walters. He was both offensive coordinator and wide receivers coach at UCF under Frost. Now that the Knights have hired Josh Heupel as their new coach, it’s expected Walters will join Frost at Nebraska. Walters was believed to be in the running for the open position at UCF prior to Heupel’s hiring, so that’s what makes this interesting.

When/if Walters comes to Nebraska, it’ll be interesting to see what positions are attached to his name. If it’s just offensive coordinator, that may say something about Keith Williams. If he has wide receivers next to his name, then that pretty much says all we need to know.

Land of 10’s Chris Bumbaca also dove into the possibility of Williams being retained in the inaugural Land of 10 Nebraska recruiting mailbag, so I recommend checking that out as well.

For what it’s worth, I think Matt Turman is pretty happy with his job at Omaha (Neb.) Skutt Catholic. On top of it, he’s pretty dang good at it. He led Skutt to its fourth appearance in five years in the Nebraska state championship game, which is pretty incredible. Despite Skutt losing 31-0 to York in the championship game this season, the Skyhawks are in good hands with Turman.

Also, Frost’s staff is pretty much defined at this point. If things change down the road, maybe he will give Turman a call. That’s still a big jump from Class B Nebraska football to Division I collegiate football. Just seems a little far-fetched to me right now, but I could always be wrong.

I’m going to go with the Michigan game. That game comes earlier in the season on Sept. 22. The team will be fresher at that point, so I like the odds for that reason. The Ohio State matchup isn’t until the first week of November, although it does come after the bye week, for what it’s worth.

Now, I know half the Ole Miss team apparently is transferring to Michigan (like Shea Patterson, as you mentioned) so that’s something to consider. I still think the Michigan matchup will be a more feasible one between the two, but I’m not exactly confident in either.

After being re-offered by the new staff, a new life has sort of been breathed into Brendan Radley-Hiles recruitment with Nebraska. I don’t like putting numbers on it, but I’m about 50-50 right now on his chances. I want to see how Frost and his staff handle Radley-Hiles’ recruitment in the coming weeks before I shift too favorably or negatively either direction. For now, the visit and call went well between Radley-Hiles and Nebraska. We’ll see where it goes from here.

Joshua Moore is a in a bit of a tough spot because his position currently doesn’t have a coach on the Nebraska roster, as discussed above. However, they’re working their way around both the committed athletes and the top targets. For instance, offensive line commit Will Farniok already has received a visit.

More to come on this.

Not exactly a current Oregon commit by any means, but I’m most intrigued by quarterback Terry Wilson’s visit to Nebraska this weekend. Wilson was committed to Nebraska before de-committing and joining Frost at Oregon when he was the offensive coordinator. He ended up transferring to a junior college, but now that Frost is at Nebraska? Things seem to be playing in the Huskers’ favor.

With that said, I’ll be curious to keep watching the UCF recruits Frost and his staff were pursuing. That could be very interesting, especially as many recruits tend to follow coaches to their new programs.

A lot of people noticed Moos’ comment on expansion during Frost’s introductory press conference on Sunday, so let’s just review those thoughts first:

“You’ve been patient, I know you’ve been frustrated, but I hope you’re going to rally around Scott, and what he’s going to do because we’re going to keep that sellout record alive, and hopefully one day add more seats and even expand it.”

I doubt Nebraska will add any more seats at this time, but I think they’d be likely to add bigger and better video boards and stadium seating. I don’t have an insider knowledge on this right now, but I know Moos said earlier in November that he has some projects he’s reviewing. Could those be on the list? You never know.

I doubt it. Nebraska’s pretty clear-cut on not wanting to go too crazy on those things. I bet adidas decks him out in the latest and greatest shoes for practices and game days, though. They did that with Mike Riley, so I’ll be curious to see what gear they send Frost’s way.

Long story short: Baseball coach Darin Erstad probably is pretty low on Moos’ radar of concerns right now. If Erstad can have a decent 2018 season, he’ll be in good shape. I mean, the Huskers just won the Big Ten regular-season title last season. That has to be worth something, I’m sure.

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