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The 2017 Michigan football season is the subject on an eight-part Amazon Prime documentary series.

Michigan players give Amazon Prime series 2 thumbs up

Rachel Lenzi

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What does Michigan think of the Amazon Prime series?

If the Michigan football team were renowned movie critics Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert, some players would give All or Nothing: Michigan Wolverines two thumbs up. Several readers asked this question after watching the series and offering positive reviews.

There’s always a question of how the Wolverines would react to seeing themselves in a TV series over the course of nearly eight hours. But they were pleased with the end result, and singled out a few notable moments in the series available on Amazon Prime.

“I watched a few episodes when I’d get the chance,” defensive tackle Michael Dwumfour said Tuesday of the series released April 5. “A scene that stuck out to me was the Michigan State game, when we lost. I don’t want that feeling again. The next time we play State, it has to be a different outcome. And that’s for any team that we lost to.”

One scene in particular jumped out to Cesar Ruiz, a freshman center during filming.

“The scene where Josh Metellus walked into a door,” Ruiz said, laughing. “I was actually there. I thought that was really funny, that they actually got that on camera.”

Metellus wasn’t injured when he walked into the glass storm door of a teammate’s house, a few seconds after Devin Bush Jr. entered the living room. But the safety sent out a quick response on social media to explain his clumsiness, hours after the series debuted.

Dwumfour still has a few episodes left to watch in the eight-part series.

“I’m only on episode three or four, but so far I like it,” Dwumfour said. “I think the guys who did it did a good job.”

In case you missed it, here’s a trailer for the eight-part series.

All eight episodes are available through Amazon Prime. This could make for a good weekend binge-watch with the cancellation of the scheduled spring game on Saturday.

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