Scott Dochterman/Land of 10
Iowa cornerback Josh Jackson walks into Kinnick Stadium before the Hawkeyes' rivalry game with Minnesota in October.

Where Iowa players land so far in NFL mock drafts, player rankings

IOWA CITY, Iowa — The NFL scouting process enters the forefront this week following multiple all-star games over the weekend, coupled with Senior Bowl practices and the game this week.

We’re still more than three months from the draft, which begins April 26 in Dallas, but several Iowa players have landed on mock drafts and have been ranked highly by draft analysts.

Here’s a glance at where each former Iowa player stands entering the first major push in NFL draft season:

CB Josh Jackson

Evaluation: “He’s long (6-1) with natural cover skills, and attacks the ball like a wide receiver. He’s still developing consistency with his footwork and eyes, but he’s one of the top CBs coming out.” — ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay

Mock drafts: 18. Seattle Seahawks (CBS’ Chris Trapasso); 6. New York Jets (CBS’ R.J. White); 15. Arizona Cardinals (ESPN’s Mel Kiper); 14. Green Bay Packers (Bleacher Report); 23. Buffalo Bills (NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah); 11. Miami Dolphins (Pro Football Focus)

Position/overall rankings: 1st CB/18th overall (CBS); 2nd CB/20th overall (ESPN’s Mel Kiper); 2nd CB/17th overall (ESPN’s Todd McShay); 3rd CB/18th overall (NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah); 4th CB/1st round (NFL Draft Scout); 5th CB/1st round (Ourlads Scouting Services)

Late-January draft projection: Round 1. Chicago Bears (8th overall)

C James Daniels

Evaluation: “Daniels is a very athletic and technically proficient center. In the run game, he’s extremely quick and effective on reach blocks and second-level blocks. I’m amazed by his ability to stay attached with his hands while he re-works his foot positioning. In pass pro, he plays with outstanding knee bend and balance. He shoots his hands quickly and can anchor against power as well as redirect vs. counters. He’s very aware. Daniels is one of the best center prospects I’ve evaluated in the last five years.”  — NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah

Mock drafts: 25: Tennessee Titans (NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah)

Position/overall rankings: 3rd C/63rd overall (CBS); 3rd C (ESPN’s Mel Kiper); 3rd C/G (ESPN’s Todd McShay); 1st C (NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah); 5th C (NFL Draft Scout)

Late-January draft projection: Round 1. New Orleans Saints (27th overall)

ILB Josey Jewell

Evaluation: “Jewell is a sideline-to-sideline tackling machine, but he’s also a reliable defender in coverage, registering 26 pass defensed over his three-year starting career. … Jewell’s film is nothing short of impressive, and the high football intelligence and instincts he consistently demonstrates should aid him well at the next level. Teams value the intangibles a player like Jewell possesses.” — Fansided/Lombardi Avenue

Position/overall rankings: 6th ILB/134th overall (CBS); 4th ILB (ESPN’s Mel Kiper); 3rd ILB (ESPN’s Todd McShay); 2nd ILB (NFL Draft Scout); 3rd ILB (Ourlads)

Late-January draft projection: Round 3. Buffalo Bills

RB Akrum Wadley

Evaluation: “Incredible foot speed and hip swivel.  Loose lower body allows him to stutter step his way out of contact by potential tacklers with ease.  Very good balance and agility in tight spaces, able to adjust his weight on the fly and slip into small creases and lanes.  Reaches his top speed in a blink, excellent acceleration. … Has had ball security issues and shows inconsistent hands as a receiver. Concentration lapses are too often. Won’t always fall forward and doesn’t fight through contact between the tackles. Too easily tackled when a defender squares him up. Needs more leg drive and power.” — Ourlads Scouting Services

Position/overall rankings: 11th RB/113th overall (CBS); 8th RB (ESPN’s Todd McShay); 15th RB (NFL Draft Scout); 18th RB (Ourlads)

Late-January draft projection: Round 4. Detroit Lions

G Sean Welsh

Evaluation: “Sean Welsh excels at opening holes in the running game and moving defenders off the line of scrimmage. He has a solid first step that helps him initiate contact and deliver a jolt. His commitment to inside hand placement allows him to control the action. Welsh does a great job keeping his legs moving once engaged to the defender. This is someone who would excel in a power offense that wants to feature the ground attack.” — Fansided

Position/overall rankings: 8th G/152nd overall (CBS); 9th G (ESPN’s Mel Kiper); 7th G (NFL Draft Scout); 5th G (Ourlads)

Late-January draft projection: Round 4. Indianapolis Colts

OL Ike Boettger

Position rankings: 32nd T (NFL Draft Scout); 33rd T (Ourlads)

Late-January draft projection: Round 7. Carolina Panthers

OLB Ben Niemann

Position rankings: 39th OLB (NFL Draft Scout); 32nd OLB (Ourlads)

Late-January draft projection: Round 7. Denver Broncos

LB Bo Bower

Position rankings: 49th OLB (NFL Draft Scout); 36th OLB (Ourlads)

Late-January draft projection: Free agent, Tennessee Titans

RB James Butler

Position rankings: 56th RB (NFL Draft Scout); 41st RB (Ourlads)

Late-January draft projection: Free agent, Arizona Cardinals

DT Nathan Bazata

Position rankings: 32nd DT (NFL Draft Scout); 47th DT (Ourlads)

Late-January draft projection: Free agent, New Orleans Saints

OL Boone Myers

Position rankings: 26th G (NFL Draft Scout); 18th G (Ourlads — pre-injury)

Late-January draft projection: Free agent, Minnesota Vikings

WR Matt VandeBerg

Position ranking: 73rd WR (NFL Draft Scout)

Late-January draft projection: Free agent, Kansas City Chiefs

FB Drake Kulick

Position ranking: 16th FB (NFL Draft Scout)

Late-January draft projection: Free agent, Minnesota Vikings

SS Miles Taylor

Position ranking: 26th SS (NFL Draft Scout)

Late-January draft projection: Free agent, Washington Redskins

LS Tyler Kluver

Position ranking: none listed

Late-January draft projection: Free agent, Pittsburgh Steelers