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Iowa guard Isaiah Moss (left) will seek feedback from pro scouts through the NBA draft evaluation process.

Iowa guard Isaiah Moss and the NBA draft evaluation process

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ANSWER: There’s no limit on how many college players can seek an evaluation on their NBA draft prospects. But there is a limit on how many players can attend the NBA combine in Chicago. NBA teams are not required to give every prospect feedback, either.

Iowa has two players seeking pro evaluations in sophomores Tyler Cook and Isaiah Moss and neither have hired an agent. Cook came to Iowa two years ago as a 4-star recruit and most people recognize his pro potential. As a 6-foot-9, 255-pound forward, Cook put up 15.3 points and 6.8 rebounds a game this season. While Cook may not get drafted, he probably could play professionally in the G-League or overseas.

Moss’ announcement was a bit of a head scratcher. Moss (6-5, 205) plays guard and ranked fourth in scoring at Iowa at 11.1 points per game. Remember, the Hawkeyes were 14-19 overall and 4-14 in Big Ten play. Moss had a few phenomenal contests; he scored 32 points at Minnesota, including 19 in the final 1 minute, 36 seconds, and had a 25-point effort at Ohio State. But he also had eight Big Ten games in which he scored 7 points or fewer.

Unlike declaring for the NFL draft, going through the NBA evaluation process allows players to withdraw from the draft and return to school provided they don’t sign with an agent. Moss could gain feedback to help him mature as a player. Often it’s hearing the same message the player has heard for years, but a pro evaluator can emphasize the point a way a college coach cannot.

It’s unlikely Moss gains even an invitation to the combine, but if he picks up a few pointers from NBA scouts, returns to Iowa and applies that feedback constructively, it could become a mutually beneficial arrangement for Moss and the Hawkeyes next season.

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