Scott Dochterman/Land of 10
Iowa's spring football game at Kinnick Stadium is scheduled for Friday, April 20.

Moving Iowa football’s spring game to Friday the right move for exposure

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ANSWER: For some strange reason, the spring game never has caught on at Iowa. For many years it was just bulked up practice with no game elements so there was just passing interest. The most fans I’ve seen for a spring game was around 25,000 and that was in 2010, I believe.

In a perfect world, Iowa would play the spring game on a Saturday afternoon. But a real problem Iowa faced in recent years was not getting its spring game televised live. BTN would air it digitally but rivals Wisconsin or Michigan State would have its game aired live on television. That’s exposure for the program throughout the Midwest and nationally, which helps with recruiting.

Last year Iowa the spring game from Saturday to Friday night. It’s more difficult for some fans around the state to attend, but the numbers weren’t great in the first place. Right now, Iowa is the only Big Ten team with its spring game scheduled for Friday, April 20. That’s a big deal for fans and recruits to watch.

There’s really no way you can compare Iowa with Nebraska when it comes to spring games. It’s a tradition at Nebraska and this year it was sold out in record time. Iowa and Wisconsin collectively had 26,000 in attendance at their spring games last year. That’s combined, so it’s not well-received in Madison, either.

As for donations to the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital, I’m all for that. Or even a canned food drive at the stadium would work, too.

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