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Can running backs coach Derrick Foster turn his home state of Alabama into fertile recruiting ground for Iowa?

Turning Alabama into Iowa’s next recruiting pipeline; is Akrum Wadley the next Alvin Kamara?

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Alabama pipeline

Iowa’s newest football assistant, running backs coach Derrick Foster, is attacking his home state of Alabama on the recruiting trail. Will Iowa be able to build a recruiting pipeline down south? What would success look like in Alabama? The Des Moines Register’s Matthew Bain investigates.

Looking into the future

NFL running backs Alvin Kamara and Kareem Hunt were mid-round draft picks who became breakout stars as rookies last season. Can former Iowa running back Akrum Wadley do the same? Ryan Dunleavy of New Jersey Advance Media followed Wadley around to find out.

More Akrum Wadley

Also, the folks at the NFL Network’s Good Morning Football program interviewed Wadley about the NFL draft. Hear his pitch on why teams should draft him here.

What’s next?

Jack Campbell committed to Iowa thanks to a conversation with linebackers coach Seth Wallace about personal development. It’s fitting because with his recruitment out of the way, Campbell is focusing on growth and self-improvement. He explains why in this Land of 10 story.

Path to playing time

For newcomers at Iowa the best path to seeing the field is through special teams. It worked for players like safety Geno Stone last season. Land of 10 breaks down why special teams can be so important to playing from Day 1.

Building a tight end

Iowa tight end T.J. Hockenson never blocked in high school. He played wide receiver. He learned how to do it with the Hawkeyes. The Des Moines Register’s Chad Leistikow looks into how Hockenson picked up the position so fast.

Moving on up

Iowa wrestling placed third at nationals last season. Can the Hawkeyes improve on their result in 2019?  Coach Tom Brands breaks down the future of his program right here.

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