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Iowa RB signee Kyshaun Bryan matches his football talent with his comedic skills.

Why Iowa RB signee Kyshaun Bryan is like Jaleel Johnson, the first football lesson Bryan learned, Peter Jok update, and more

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There is laughing in football

Every Friday, before his son Kyshaun Bryan would play, Everton Bryan told him one thing.

Have fun.

“You have to keep that,” Everton said. “You can’t lose that.”

For Kyshaun, enjoying football is a must. If he doesn’t, his performance suffers. So his future Iowa teammates will need to be prepared for his inner Dave Chappelle to come out on the practice field.

“He’s proven if he takes the game too seriously it throws him off,” Everton said.

Kyshaun, a 3-star running back per the 247Sports Composite ranking, won three state titles in high school and racked up 2,208 rushing yards the last three seasons at American Heritage and St. Thomas Aquinas high schools in Florida.

But the Iowa Class of 2017 signee admits that when he presses, he doesn’t see things as quickly as he normally does and it hinders his performance. Having fun is a necessity.

“There are times I know when to take things seriously,” Kyshaun said, “but if I am in the game and take it to another level, not having fun, my game won’t be the same.”

He is the running back version of former Iowa DT Jaleel Johnson, who made it a point to enjoy his time on the field.

Kyshaun isn’t afraid to bust out a dance move and no one is safe from his one-liners.

“It’s little comments where I play with the coaches or someone who I have a relationship with so when I say something they know what I mean so it’s funny,” Kyshaun said.

The more people in on the joke the better for Kyshaun — and likely for the Hawkeyes.

“His teammates will find out he’s actually a little comedian,” Everton said. “His friends will say it about him. He’s fun to be around, especially when he is with his team. We don’t see that a whole lot, but his team does.”

But there is no room for slacking off

Kyshaun learned early on, however, that football is about more than just having a good laugh. In fact, his first lesson came the first time he played football as a 6-year-old.

Here is the story: Kyshaun went through all the drills with the other children at the tryout. He was one of the fastest kids there, but he jogged during the running drills. He didn’t see the need to exert himself. Kyshaun made the team, but the coaches couldn’t get past his running.

“They looked at his time and said this kid is slow,” Everton said. “We are putting him on the line.”

So Kyshaun spent the year as a right guard and nose tackle. It’s not where he expected to line up, but he played where he was told.

It taught him a valuable lesson: He needs to give 100-percent effort. And he remembered that lesson at tryouts the following spring.

“I had to run,” Kyshaun said.

He ran well enough that the coaches moved him to running back.

Audition time

Former Iowa basketball star Peter Jok is off to the NBA combine, tweeting bright and early Tuesday he was headed to Chicago.

The combine started on Tuesday and runs through Sunday. Jok will need to impress some NBA front office personnel in The Windy City, as he is currently not among the players NBA Draft Express projects to be selected in the draft.

The newest offer

Iowa football extended an offer to 2018 Green Bay (Wis.) Bay Port OL/TE Jack Plumb on Tuesday.

According to 247Sports, it’s the first offer for the 6-foot-8, 240-pound Plumb. Here are his Hudl highlights.

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