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Former Iowa wide receiver Tim Dwight was saddled with wearing one of Iowa's banana-peel uniforms in the mid-1990s.

Will Iowa’s banana-peel uniforms ever be cool in a retro way?

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ANSWER: Sadly, I don’t think enough time ever will pass for the banana-peel jerseys to become cool again. The other uniform combinations you mentioned have interesting looks that made them special.

Outside of the Chicago White Sox’s shorts in the mid-1970s, most Major League Baseball clubs have old-fashioned uniforms that conjure up nostalgia for fans. Even the pajama-era uniforms of the early 1980s have that kind of appeal.

Football has similar throwback days, although I think the Pittsburgh Steelers wearing striped uniforms are unsightly. In college football, several programs tinker with their uniform combinations almost weekly. Others put together an alternative or throwback uniform once a year.

Iowa has several great uniforms from the past that would make for decent-looking throwbacks. The gold helmet with script Iowa would be neat. The black helmet with the old hawk logo also would be pretty sharp. The Hawkeyes rolled out throwback uniforms in 2004, 2010 and 2012 that honored the program’s greatest teams.

That said, never again should the banana-peel jerseys of 1994 and 1995 grace the sidelines at Kinnick Stadium. They belong in a museum in a far corner, away from the lights, encased in glass with a marker that reads, “Never do this again.”

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