Scott Dochterman/Land of 10
A look at the Pinstripe Bowl setup at Yankee Stadium before the Iowa-Boston College game.

Bowls that Iowa fans would like to see return to Big Ten lineup

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ANSWER: Most of the Big Ten’s bowl contracts end after the 2019 football season, which means there are two years remaining on the current deal. The league remains in place with the New Year’s Six bowls, including the Rose Bowl, through 2025 and there’s a separate arrangement with the Pinstripe Bowl through 2021.

But what about the rest? The other bowls include the Citrus, Outback, Holiday, Gator (TaxSlayer), Music City, Foster Farms, Quick Lane, Heart of Dallas and Armed Forces. The arrangement with the TaxSlayer and Music City bowls include three appearances in each one over the six-year period. The Big Ten has the same deal with the Heart of Dallas and Armed Forces bowls. 

The league’s goal was to place bowls in several markets around the country to alleviate some measure of fans’ bowl fatigue. The locations range from New York City and Texas to California, Florida, Tennessee and Michigan. Contract bowls are required to take five different teams over the six-year period, while the Pinstripe will select at least seven different teams over eight years.

So when the next deals are arranged, what should the league do? There’s virtually no way it ends its agreement with the Citrus or Outback Bowls. The Holiday Bowl arrangement works and the Pinstripe Bowl will stay in the lineup for however long it exists as the Big Ten seeks to make New York legitimately part of its footprint.

As for the rest, it makes sense for the league to expand its relationship with the Music City Bowl from three appearances over six years to a spot every year. I think the Big Ten stays in the west, whether that’s with a San Francisco or Arizona bowl or in Las Vegas or if the new football stadium in Los Angeles plays host to a bowl.

Getting or staying in Texas might be tricky. The Alamo Bowl used to pair fourth selections from Big Ten and Big 12 conferences. Then it bumped up its payout and the top non-New Year’s Six teams from the Big 12 and Pac-12 head to San Antonio. There’s not much clamoring for a return to the Sun Bowl, which selected Big Ten squads from 1995 through 2005. The Heart of Dallas and Armed Forces bowls currently have the final selection among Big Ten teams and only once has the league sent a team there.

Outside of the New Year’s Six bowls, my guesses at the next bowl arrangement include the Citrus, Outback, Holiday, Music City, Pinstripe, Quick Lane and Heart of Dallas/Armed Forces. As for one another, I think the Big Ten stays out west, but I’m unsure if it stays with San Francisco or heads back to Phoenix or perhaps a new bowl in Los Angeles.

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