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A view of the dome in St. Louis, which played host to the Rams and numerous college football and college basketball games.

If available, fans might flock to St. Louis as a bowl destination

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ANSWER: A bowl game in St. Louis would be fantastic. There’s still a domed stadium, so you can avoid the wintry elements. New York City had brutally cold temperatures on Wednesday for the Pinstripe Bowl, but weather impacts other bowl locations as well. There have been snowstorms in Shreveport, La., ice or other storms in El Paso, Dallas, Memphis and Birmingham.

St. Louis is a large city with plenty to do. The dome opened in 1995, and it’s located in the downtown area with restaurants, bars and attractions within walking distance. The dome has played host to Final Fours, the NFL and the college football series between Illinois and Missouri.

I’m sure fan bases from throughout the Midwest would flock to St. Louis for a mid-tier bowl game involving teams from the Big Ten, Big 12, SEC, ACC or possibly Group of 5 teams. It’s within easy driving distance for probably 20 Power 5 programs.

Specifically for Iowa, there’s plenty of familiarity with St. Louis. It’s located about four hours south of Iowa City, and the Cardinals are among the most popular sports teams in the state. It’s also a recruiting hub, which adds to the attractiveness. It would have taken little to ignite a heck of a game between Iowa and Missouri in St. Louis. Chances are it would sell out and both teams were 7-5 in regular-season play.

With around 40 bowls, it only makes sense for St. Louis to try to snag a game with regional Power 5 teams. It certainly would have more interest from fans that some of the smaller bowl venues scattered throughout the south.

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