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Charles Barkley referred to Iowa as one of the best college basketball teams in the country.

Charles Barkley mixed up Iowa and Purdue, and it only got worse from there

A Selection Sunday promo popped up on TNT ahead of the Washington Wizards-Boston Celtics game on Thursday night, so Charles Barkley chose to dish out his college basketball knowledge. After all, Barkley has been commentating on the NCAA Tournament in studio for the past few years.

It went no where near planned. Here’s the transcript:

Barkley: “I thought Iowa was the best team until last night.”

Shaquille O’Neal: “Iowa?”

Barkley: “Yeah … no I mean not Iowa, Purdue.”

For context, No. 3 Purdue lost to Ohio State on Wednesday night.

It was a humorous mistake for Barkley, yes, but one he could laugh off as the studio show was about to enter commercial. Instead, he tried to validate his mixup.

Barkley: “They’re the same. Indiana and Iowa. They’re the same state.”

Shaq: (cracking up)

Ernie Johnson: “Wow.”

Smith: “C’mon. Iowa and Indiana are in the same state?”

Finally, Barkley took the topic to an entirely new level.

Barkley: “No, they’re the same … hey, Montana and Iow- and, uh…”

(Widespread confusion)

Poor Barkley. Check out the video clip below:

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